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M OVE SAVE Huntsman Rotterdam Events September 2015 OPEN VISIT TOUR COMMUNITY HOST WELCOME CENTER FAMILY TEAM FUN HOSPITALITY SERVICE INNOVATION SEPTEMBER 2015 MakingHuntsman Rotterdamthemovie Wereldhavendagen CommunityRozenburg tovisitSafelyLivingand Workingtogether MECGLGManufacturing andEngineeringCouncil meetingsandsitevisits OpendayforHuntsman Rotterdamsite BroadcastRadio Rijnmondlivefromsite EHSconference Rotterdamsitevisit EHSconference HiltonRotterdam F EELE AT Fun Facts Memory foam feels good Huntsman sponsors a Hydro green roof for the Rozenburg community 1898 drinks 683Croques Monsieur 2831 cups of coffee 408 bags of chips 1430 cookies 98 PU foam tests 450 folded balloons 51children took a ride in a Den Hartogh tank truck 90 volunteers 550 visitors 486earplugs were in the laboratory glass on the Open Day 21touringcars 201tours through the MDI 2-plant 13minivans Thank you for your visit